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Night Blindness Treatment, Cures and Products that can help

Night Blindness is a common enough condition that impairs the ability of the patient to see during the night or in low light situations. It can be caused by a variety of factors. The specific night blindness treatment or cure will vary with the underlying cause. The common denominator is that the likelihood of a successful treatment is greater with early detection of night blindness.


Treatments and Cures for Night Blindness According to Cause:



Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye condition caused by the elongation of the eyeballs which causes a focus mismatch on the, making it difficult to see at a distance and also causing vision impairment in low lit areas. Night vision caused by myopia may be treated by using corrective eye glasses. In extreme cases, refractive surgery may be required.


Glaucoma Medications

Glaucoma is an eye disease which causes pressure build up on the eyes and eventually leading to blindness as it damages the optic nerve. Medications for glaucoma can cause constriction of the pupils, which are the apertures of the eye lenses, and the constriction reduces the amount of light that can be taken in, causing night blindness. Glaucoma medicine induced night blindness may be treated by switching medicines.

Cataracts cause the progressive clouding of the eye lens, making it opaque and impairing vision and night blindness. Night blindness caused by cataracts may be cured by surgery.
Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentos is a genetic disease which causes night blindness. Unfortunately, retinitis is not completely curable but it’s progression can be slowed down by intake of Vitamin A supplements and surgery.


Vitamin A Deficiency

The cure for this type of night blindness is as simple as regular intake of vitamin A.


Night blindness can be caused by excessively high blood sugar levels, caused by a diabetic condition. In fact, loss of eyesight is a major symptom of severe diabetes. This type of night blindness is best cured by treatment methods like insulin injections. In extreme cases, some surgery may be required. Early detection is also essential.

Other causes

There are still other causes of night blindness although they are rare such as x-linked congenital stationary night blindness which is an incurable condition.


Products for Night Blindness Treatment


Managing night blindness can also be made easier through the use of products readily available on the market. Most of these products are natural food supplements that contain vital nutrients and minerals to promote healthy eyes. Some of the most popular supplements are beta carotene, lutein, ginko biloba and bilberry.

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